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IS600 Multiplexer and scramber is developed by Beijing CircLoop Digital Image Tech. Co., Ltd independently, which carrys out DVB SimulCrypt according to the input TS, with embedded controlling generator, it can transmit constant or variable control word encryption; with built-in SimulCrypt Synchronization Controller, it sends control word to exchange information with access condition and ECMG. When it works with CA, it can control encryption period (CP) resonalbly, so that decoder can decrypt control word correctly, and descramble TS. Scrambler is high intergarted equipment, which mainly be used to encrypt the TS of DTV.
SM600 is a professional-grade satellite stream receiver and multiplexer. It integrated 6 satellite receiving module and 1 multiplexer main board in 1RU chassis, suuports 2 channels ASI output and 1 channel E3/DS3 output. It can receive simultaneously 6 same/different satellite streams(support MPTS、SPTS), it equals 6 common satellite receiver.
MUX2000 Multiplexer2015-7-23 17:31:13
MUX2000 is an advanced re-multiplexer; it adopts the space-saving and cost-effective solution, providing TS streams re-multiplexing and treatment, strong function. It can be compatible with many companies’ front-end equipments and CA system. It can multiplex multi-channels TS streams and data streams meet MPEG-2/DVB/AVS standard and re-multiplex them to one channel TS stream according to MPEG-2/DVB/AVS standard and output them. The multiplexer can provide many optional components and output interface according to the clients’ acquirement.
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